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Social Media, Photography and Videography Training For Dalit Women Activities  of Aidman @ Goa, India From March 13th – 16th,2018

Our movement to visibilise caste violence globally requires our Dalit women activists from various parts of the country to build a stronger presence online and acquire the skills needed to tell their own stories.



For too long, our histories have been erased and our lives have been misrepresented or appropriated by dominant caste writers, filmmakers and journalists.



We have a lot of storytelling skills but to channelize the talents we need skills and access to resources. 

Towards, enabling this, The All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch organised a National Level Social Media, Photography and Videography workshop for our selected activists. We collaborated with Video Volunteers in Goa for this workshop. The basics of photography [framing, different kinds of shots, light etc], basic photo editing, videography and basic video editing skills were imparted to the participants by the trainers from Video Volunteers. The activists were also taken through Facebook and Twitter and its various features to enable them to build a stronger presence for their work online. Our activists were very involved and excited to be part of this workshop and show great potential as is evident from their active participation on social media platforms post the training. We would like to thank you for your continuing support and solidarity for our dalit womens’ movement in India. Jai Bhim!



Our FB PAGE- https://www.facebook.com/dalitwomenfight/

Twitter- @dalitwomenfight

Some of our dalit women activists on twitter- @DalitAwaz, @devathiya, @smriti_shobhana, @dalitvishwas, @dalitpride