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Swadhikar | Dalit Mahila Swabhiman Yatra
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Dalit Mahila Swabhiman Yatra

Dalit Mahila Swabhiman Yatra

Dalit Mahila Swabhiman Yatra traveled across several states of Haryana, Rajasthan, Orissa etc since 2012 organizing village meetings, several public rallies and submitted memorandums at District Collectorates with demands of Dalit women from all districts. The Yatra team comprising of Dalit women leaders from Haryana, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, volunteers, leaders and cultural activists from Odisha and several community women leaders who travelled from village to village, town to town, district to district bearing witness to brutal and heinous crimes against Dalits & Adivasis and Dalit women and girls in particular amplifying their voices for justice, seeking accountability against perpetrators and demanding access to education, employment, dignity and equal citizenship rights.

Dalit Mahila Garima Yatra, Haryana 2012

Following the spate of media reports of gang rapes on Dalit women in Haryana, several Dalit organizations came together to express solidarity with the rape survivors and outrage against the institutionalized sexual violence on Dalit women, by conducting a Karwan called Dalit Mahila Garima Yatra.

Dalit Mahila Swabhiman Yatra Orrisa 2015

Dalit Adivasi Mahila Swabhiman Rajasthan Yatra 2018