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Dalit Women Fight | #DALITWOMENFIGHT
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Create a dynamic collective of Dalit women leaders who are agents of change working towards 

a new equitable society that brings power, stability, security, and happiness to all women.

News Section

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The swift changes in the political landscape and the challenges faced by women human rights defenders often pushes us Dalit women into a vortex of greater insecurity, fear and anxiety. The severe pushback by both state and non-state actors has increased the complexity within Dalit women’s movement building and caste-gender research domains. Interrogating caste/gender privileges and attempting to construct independent spaces is predominantly a lonely and difficult battle for Dalit women. Often times, the complexity of the issues at hand become so overwhelming that, we wished we could seek counsel, unpack the layers of intersections, develop greater clarity and respond with strength. A gathering of Dalit women seems to be the need of the hour!

DALIT WOMEN FIGHT is a platform for women from Dalit communities in India to amplify our voices for justice.

We cultivate Dalit women activists, who are the leaders of a movement for Dalit self-respect and dignity.

Our work spans four major areas: survivor support, grassroots activism, leadership development and international advocacy.

#DALITWOMENFIGHT aims to have built a critical mass movement lead by Dalit Women Leaders; working to create community-based movements that have specific frameworks in place to effectively challenge,tackle, and solve caste-based violence and discrimination; and the culture of impunity.

Know Our Leaders

#DALITWOMENFIGHT is laying the groundwork for systemic change by providing a learning space for Dalit women to acquire the necessary skills to bring long-term socio-political change.

Bhanu Ahirwar

I am a resident of village Pratapur, Post Amanganj, tehsil Ajaygarh in Panna district of Madhya Pradesh.

Laxmi Ahirwar

I am a resident of Pathariya, tehsil Saagar, district Damoh, Madhya Pradesh.

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Join hands with us to help the growth of Indian Dalit Women.